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If you are not the DIY type of person, or you just don’t have the time to maintain your own swimming pool, Pool Cleaners Scottsdale can. We would be happy to provide you with a no-cost quote to maintain your pool for you.
We understand that maintenance is one of the most important tasks related to your swimming oasis. That is why we do not take this responsibility lightly. It is also why our tagline motto is “Your sparkling pool is our inspiration”.
It really helps to keep your swimming oasis in excellent form. It is attractive & inviting when it is neat, clean, and immaculately maintained. But they are rather repelling when they are dirty, cloudy or worse, green. That is why we take our pool cleaning in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and surrounding areas so seriously.
The neglected pools virtually become stinking hatcheries of germs & infections. Such pools are the source of a number of viral and bacterial diseases. So, your pools really require your serious consideration regarding their cleanliness. 
You really need to maintain them in the right & proper way. We take such good care of swimming pools so that you can get complete fun out of them. Your pools require your regular maintenance programs. If you are the DIY type, that is great. You need to follow a weekly basis for your swimming pool maintenance program. Now is a great time to tell you.

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No cost maintenance Scottsdale AZ e-Book For You

I have written an eBook. It is titled “HOW TO OPEN A SWIMMING POOL” and it is full of tips on how to maintain your swimming pool. It doesn’t matter if you live in a northern climate where you need to close it at the end of every season or if you live in a hot climate where it never closes. The maintenance tips are right for anyone. CLICK HERE TO GET THE EBOOK AT NO COST TO YOU. We do not ask you to supply any information at all. We won’t collect your information and then bother you with ongoing emails. You will also see a link at the top of this page for you to get the free eBook.
Your maintenance program must focus on:● Testing and correcting water chemistry.● Keeping your pump and filter working well.● Regular brushing and vacuuming to remove the pollutants settled to the bottom or are “stuck” to the walls.● Backwashing your filter to clean dirt out.
You often use chlorine or other disinfectants to keep your water clean. However, for brushing and vacuuming to remove the pollutants settled to the bottom or “stuck” to the walls, you need cleaners. It is a larger area, so it won't be handy for cleaning without proper cleaning tools, equipment, and devices. 

You need the right equipment

Pool cleaning services in Scottsdale and elsewhere, offer you great help for your swim cleaning program. For the DIY person, swimming pool cleaners, cleaning devices specially designed for cleaning your pools, are a must. Pool cleaners are available in a number of sizes, designs, and brands. There are several manufacturers producing cleaners. Some of the popular cleaner brands include Polaris, Legend, Platinum, Jet Vac, Kreepy Kauly, E Z Vac, Pool Vac Ultra, Navigator, Aquabug, Ranger, Zippy, Aquabot, Dolphin, and Dirt Devil. 
You should go through the reviews of several pool cleaners before going to buy the equipment. There are a number of sites offering cleaner reviews online. These online reviews will really help you make the right buying decision. You can buy your cleaner equipment considering your needs. Of course, our pool maintenance Scottsdale AZ company will be happy to make recommendations for you to consider. We do not sell equipment, so our suggestions are unbiased.
Swimming is a great workout that can help everyone. Many of our customers began swimming in their regional public pool. As soon as they became addicted, they saw the charm as well as the energy of having their very own pool. Now they try to get wet frequently; it's good for them and also lots of fun too! 

Our 5 recommendations for your complete enjoyment

To get the most enjoyment out of your swimming pool, we recommend that you:
● Keep moderation in mind when you go in the pool. Begin with a short period of 10 to 20 minutes. You can increase this when you gain in stamina. And don't try all the hardest strokes at first. Build up to it gently. ● Use a quality filter for your pool. Trying to save here will only result in constant maintenance costs. It will also mean swimming in a pool that is always dirty. ● Repair any tear in your swimming pool liner as soon as possible. If the tear is three inches or less it should repair easily. If it is larger you may have to replace the entire liner. ● Don’t allow children (or adults) to run near the pool. Running and diving into a pool is asking for trouble. Accidents can easily happen on slippery surfaces, so play safe always. ● If you find that all your pool toys, chemicals and cleaners are becoming unmanageable, find someplace to store them. A shed or pool house near the pool is ideal. However, be careful not to store chemicals that may react with each other close together. Also make sure the room is well ventilated. ● There are many fun devices and pool toys that make your swimming and the time your family spends in the pool so much more enjoyable. These days you can also swim to songs by using a particularly designed radio that fits into a waterproof bag. So do not just lounge around the pool all the time. Use it as it is planned to be used to swim and also delight in life!● Your immaculate pools are tempting, but dingy ones are repulsing. Your impeccable pools appear capturing giving come-hither looks to your visitors, but your filthy pools are rather objectionable. 
An excellent maintained pool shows off to everyone your posh tastes of sumptuous living. Your neglected pool is just sickening. Your pool is the place that deserves your attention and care. Anyone can maintain their pool in a DIY way. However, many people live very busy working and home lives and would prefer someone else to do it. That way they can enjoy their time using the pool, not working on it. That is where our pool maintenance Scottsdale AZ company comes in.

7 important steps any proper pool maintenance program must include

● Water Testing - This is the first and also essential step. It's not anything like a chemical laboratory test. It's a very easy examination concerning inspecting the chemistry of your swimming pool waters. You should be regular in checking the pH level as well as the alkalinity of water. The specific pH amount needs to be ranging in between 7.2-- 7.6. Total alkalinity is excellent at about 180 ppm, but listed below 100ppm and also above 400ppm can be a problem.● Sanitizing - It's time to include sanitizers when water is suitably balanced. The suggestion is to preserve a minimum of 1.5 to 3ppm of chlorine regularly. This level is high enough to keep back the microbial and algae development, which are the chief creeps in hideous pool waters. Tablet computers and sticks are the most preferred kind for chlorine. You just put them to the skimmer situations or mechanical feeders. Correct water flow is required to melt tablets or sticks.● Shocking – Besides regular chemical process (chlorination), weekly shocking or advancing the chlorine levels up to 5ppm is a great way to confirm contaminants don't develop and cause troubles. It's also a fine idea to shock after the pools have had heavy use as this facilitates refill chlorine so that troubles don't get started. ● Measuring Calcium Hardness – It is about measuring calcium in your pools. If water is too hard, it can increase pH levels and cause scale to form. In that case, you put in sodium hexametaphosphate. On the other hand, if the water is too soft, it can cause tile grout to liquefy or the vinyl liner to break. Add calcium chloride dihydrate in this situation. ●  Algae Control - Algae never appears in your well-maintained and sanitized pool. You should use algaecides to keep algae away from your pools. Simply skimming your pools twice a week keeps the surface free from debris and bugs. ● Running Your Pool Equipment Daily – Your swimming pool has circulation pumps that make your pool waters move through your pool filters every day. This helps to remove unwanted pollutants and disinfectants from your pools. Your pool waters should be filtered for around four to six hours per day.● Maintaining Your Pool Equipment - You should take good care of all your pool equipment including filters, grids, saltwater chlorinators, pool calculators, pumps, cartridges, motors, heaters, timers, freeze guards, lights, valves, pool covers. You should clean your salt chlorinator cell electrodes on a regular basis to maximize chlorine production and should clean leaf baskets regularly. To guarantee the maximum water turnover rate, you should backwash your filters. You should keep checking pool waters every other day. You can make use of DPD kits or test strips to check chlorine, pH and total alkalinity levels. Add chemicals if required. You should give shock treatments and add algaecides once a week.
By following these tips, the DIY person will not need Pool Cleaners Scottsdale. However, if you would like, we would be happy to provide you with a no-cost quote to maintain your pool for you.

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Your swimming pool is the place where family members get together to have a good time on warm afternoons. It is the area for rest and relaxation and indulging in a high-end lifestyle. Our pool cleaners Scottsdale maintaining the cleanliness of your swimming pool area carefully is vital to saving you time and worry and improving your family's quality of life.

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