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cloudy pool water in Scottsdale, AZ

cloudy pool water in Scottsdale, AZ

Cloudy pool water introduction

Welcome to the Pool Cleaners Scottsdale blog.  Today we are going to talk about a typical pool trouble issue I find with many pool owners.  The issue that many people have is that their cloudy pool water still green after shock.  As a matter of fact, I have dealt with the situation where your pool still green after shocking multiple times!  The fix for this problem is the need for getting rid of algae in your swimming pool.  It must be done in a certain way to fix this common problem.

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Common inground swimming pool sizes

Now, there are a few common sizes of home backyard swimming holes.  They are:

  1. 12-by-24-foot rectangular with an average depth of 5 feet will hold approximately 10,800 gallons of water.
  2. 16-by-32-foot with the same depth will hold about 19,200 gallons.
  3. a 20-by-40-foot with the same depth will hold 30,000 gallons.

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Green pool water

I have actually discovered that there are various intensities of a green pool. Owners usually discover that their swimming pool still light green after shock. What this tells me is that there is still enough algae that need to be taken care of.

If you have experienced that your pool still green after double shock, the reason is probably fairly simple.  The technique to fix this problem is not complex.  Many times it is the style or technique that you use, rather than the type of surface or the chemicals.

So to fix the problem, you need to do a few things.  The preparation is just as important as the chemicals being used.  Many times that is the reason why your pool still green after shock and algaecide.

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My foolproof 4 step program to clear up a green pool

The first step in eliminating the cloudy water is, you need to vacuum any kind of debris out of the bottom. You want it to go straight out of the filter. You do not want it travelling through or returning into the return lines.  You want it going directly out.

The 2nd point is to brush down all the wall surfaces, the sides, the steps and the ladders. Simply get it off all the surfaces and into the water by using a brush affixed to a telescopic pole. Get all that algae that's staying on the walls and all other surfaces into the water.

Third, test the H2O to make certain that your pH and alkalinity are appropriate. If they are, then you can proceed to the following step. If they're not, then you must either add the appropriate pH or alkalinity or whatever you need to bring those levels up.

The last item on the getting rid of cloudy pool water list is to shock the heck out of it. Let me presume that you have a 19,000-gallon one which is still a light green shade. If that is the case, it probably just needs a double shock. The bags of shock that I use are made with calcium hypochlorite. One bag works for every 10,000 gallons. So two bags would work to single shock the 19,000-gallon swimming pool. Yet I want to double shock it. So I am going to use 4 bags of shock.

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The sun is not your friend

A significant reason pool water still green after shock is because the work is done on a wonderful sunny day. I understand why. You get up in the early morning and have breakfast sitting by your terrific swimming pool. You see that the water is still green and it bothers you. Possibly you are having a pool party the next day and the color of the pool will certainly never ever do. So, you get right after it.

Incorrect. You want to shock your pool in the evening or when it's dark out. This is because the sun can take away all that chlorine.

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So keep in mind, as I already spoke about, the 1st step is to vacuum out the pool to remove all apparent debris. Then, you want to scrub every wall, ladder, floor and various other surfaces of the pool to get the algae far from the sticking it does to those surface areas and right into the water.

Now it is time to test the pool water. You could examine it either prior to or after vacuuming and scrubbing. I favor to do it after as you will have no debris and the most amount of algae in the water. It is just my personal preference. To see where your pH and alkalinity levels are, take a sample with a water bottle or a cup of water. Your test strip will tell you just where the pH and alkalinity levels are. That's just the only 2 things you need to worry about in the water screening.

If your swimming pool has a low or absolutely no chlorine reading don't fret. I see many people who are way too concerned with chlorine. Concentrating on the chlorine will without a doubt leave you with a pool still green after shock and chlorine. The shock will bring the chlorine reading up on a temporary basis. Then you can make certain that either you have chlorine pucks in the skimmer if you do not have a chlorinator or the chlorinator is working just fine. You want a chlorine readout of about 1 to 3 parts per million.

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Will that be a shock or double shock?

We are now at the time to shock the water. Now, once more, the best time to do it is when the sun has set. You can get away with doing it on a very gloomy and cloudy day. Nonetheless, never do it when the sunlight is shining. That is a major cause of cloudy pool water after shock.  At dusk or nite time is the best. After the shocking, or double shocking, let the filter run continuously for eight hours. Doing it in the evening makes it simple. You allow the filter to run overnite to let that shock mix into the water and allow it to eliminate all the algae it can.

After you shock the pool, chances are that the green and cloudy pool water is now going to be a cloudy blue.  That is because all that shock is going to destroy those green algae particles and turn them into the gray matter.  That will end up making your pool look a little bit cloudy.  That's okay. You are just going to keep running the filter continuously until it clears up.  You can also add a clarifier, to help aid that process.  How to do that is a subject for another day.

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Cloudy pool after shock has an easy fix

After we shock the swimming pool, it is possible that the water is going to be a cloudy blue color because all that shock will get rid of those green algae fragments and turn them right into gray matter. That will end up making your pool look a bit cloudy. That's fine. You are just going to keep running the filter constantly until it clears. You can also add a clarifier, to assist that procedure. Exactly how to do that is a topic for another day.

So that is it for eliminating algae in a swimming pool. This was a light tinted algae swimming pool. If you have a darker color, if it resembles dark green leaves or is practically black, then you will need to do either a three-way shock or four-way shock for each and every one of those colors.

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My shocking shock formula

So, for a 19,000-gallon Scottsdale pool, here is my shock formula:

  1. A little green - single shock method - two bags of shock
  2. Light green - double shock method - four bags
  3. Dark green - triple shock method - six bags
  4. Darkest green bordering to black - four-way shock method - bags

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Thanks for reading this far

I hope you enjoyed this blog answering a problem I find very common, your pool still green after shocking twice.  I also hope that you will be able to fix the problem if you ever have cloudy pool water after shock and algaecide.

If you have any comments or questions about this cloudy pool water blog or getting rid of algae in your Scottsdale pool, feel free to call Pool Cleaners Scottsdale at 602 962 5090.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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