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Pool service Phoenix Arizona introduction

pool service phoenix az and covid-19

pool service phoenix az and covid-19

I want to share with you everything swimmers need to know about the coronavirus and your swimming pool.   People have been asking me the question if the COVID-19 virus can spread in a swimming pool. I will also talk about some simple best practices to keep yourself safe and healthy.   As a pool service Phoenix, we of course need to be extra careful and offer deep cleaning options to those that want it.

While you self-quarantine in your swimming pool home, there are many health benefits swimming in your own pool can offer you. In this article, I will provide some information on the health benefits of swimming.

Pool service Phoenix AZ - What the coronavirus is

By now we have all heard and read many of the media reports and articles about the coronavirus. However there is still a great deal of confusion.  The coronavirus is a large family of viruses. We've seen this before in different forms; just not as deadly and widespread. 

From time to time there might be some sort of an outbreak like the one that we see now in 2020.  We have seen SARS or MERS before.  The coronavirus actually at a molecularlevel is similar. If we break it down it's this envelope of genetic material and on the inside is the Ribonucleic acid (RNA).  That's what that purple squiggly thing is.  Then it has protein spikes on the outside of this envelope in the shape of a crown.  Crown in Latin is called Corona and that's how we have the name coronavirus.

That is how these things are named. You might also see it as COVID-19. It is another way of saying the same thing. Now the novel coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan China in 2019 at the end of the year. Now it is spread around the globe. So it is important that we stay up to date but not panic, so that we are all well educated. Fever, cough and shortness of breath are all symptoms. Unfortunately right now, there is no vaccine like an influenza vaccine.  It is being worked on.

Pool service Scottsdale - Can the corona virus be spread in my swimming pool?

The biggest question that people ask me is can the coronavirus be spread in swimming pools?  Does this meanI can no longer swim?

I am not a doctor or a scientist.  I operate Pool Cleaners Scottsdale, an affordable pool service. My understanding and honest belief is that the answer is no. You can still go swimming. You just need to be more aware of things.

With proper pool maintenance, the chlorine and other chemicals should be able to deactivate the coronavirus.  But pools that do not have enough chlorination, or are not properly maintained, will not 100%.  Chlorine is a chemical in a lot of swimming pools.  It is designed to kill things like bacteria.  But if your pool does not have chlorine or it is not chlorinated enough, there is a chance that it could actually live in the pool.  

There are also other important things to consider.  The water is not everything. So you might actually be infected through the pool deck or the swimming equipment.  Also, you might have toys or other different objects in or around the pool.  The coronavirus can live on objects that are not regularly disinfected.

So it is really important that you are not just thinking about it from a water perspective. With being intelligent about how you act, and with some extra deep cleaning in and around your swimming pool, you don’t need to just stay in your house and lock your door. 

The water is not any more contagious than anything else and may be not at all.  If someone has been in the water who has the coronavirus and then the next day someone else goes in the water, it doesn’t mean that  they are automatically going to get it.  That is not really how it works. 

My comments are not to be taken for public swimming pools.  That is a whole different situation than your own home backyard swimming pool.  You need to check with your local health authorities about public swimming pools.

Pool service Phoenix Arizona- General coronavirus safety tips

Here are some tips you have heard before for avoiding the coronavirus.These are standard hygiene measures so there is nothing here that you will find new or shocking.  So here are my pool service Phoenix tips for just staying healthy:

  1. Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.  If you feel like you are going to sneeze make sure you cough or sneeze into your elbow if you have a long-sleeve top on.  Sneezing into a kleenex is always good also.
  2. Avoid close contact.  Social distance yourself from others.
  3. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.  Washing with water only will not disinfect and kill the bacteria and germs.
  4. A part of social distancing, do not shake hands or hug people.
  5. Avoid contact with animals.  If you come in contact with animals, wash your hands after. Animals you know are similar to humans. They can carry a virus.  So if you don't need to touch any animals, don't touch them. If you have a pet, make sure you wash your hands after hanging out with your pet. 
  6. If possible, self-quarantine.
  7. Keep your hands away from your face as much as possible.
  8. Keep washing your hands with soap and water and use antibacterial hand sanitizer if soap and water is not possible.

Pool service Phoenix Arizona- health benefits of swimming

I want to thank the Victorian Government of Australia for these great health benefits of swimming. At pool service Phoenix Arizona , we believe that swimming is an excellent overall activity due to the fact that it:

  1. Requires you to move your entire body versus the resistance of the water.
  2. Keeps your heart rate up but takes the influence of stress off your body unlike impact exercise such as running.
  3. Builds endurance, muscle mass toughness and cardiovascular fitness.
  4. Helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy and balanced heart and also lungs
  5. Tones muscular tissues and develops toughness.
  6. Provides an ubiquitous body workout, as nearly all of your muscles are utilized throughout swimming.
  7. Is a relaxing and also serene kind of exercise easing tension improving synchronisation and equilibrium.
  8. Supplies good low-impact therapy for some injuries.
  9. Gives a positive means to cool off on a hot day.

Pool service Phoenix Arizona

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