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You have actually most likely wondered what the salt water pool pros and cons are for you.  If you have actually been discussing with yourself whether to change from a chlorine pool to a saltwater swimming pool,, I hope this blog helps you.

People all the time say they have been using routine chlorine for many years and it functions well for them. So why switch? Well today, I want to look at just what the advantages and disadvantages of owning a saltwater swimming oasis are. I hope it helps you decide what is the right thing for you. Let us take a dunk into the subject and find out.

Salt water pool pros and cons - The pros

The first pro is that salt water pool maintenance is significantly lowered from chlorine pool maintenance.  Even if you are a DIY expert you know just how much work goes into making, sure enough, chlorine is being included to keep the water clear. Either that or you have actually hired swimming pool cleaners to do it for you, which is fine.

A saltwater system is different from its chlorine cousin.  It works automatically daily to maintain the sparkling crystal clear look. Over time, the easy truth is that there are not a more cost-effective means to preserve the water than a salt water pool system.

This leads us to the next pro.  Removing the requirement for chlorine algaecide and shock. Besides the reality that these are in charge of most of the work involved in the chlorine system, these are most of your chemical costs. A salt water system removes buying, adding, storing and taking care of these harsh chemicals. So you would certainly be able to say goodbye to all those buckets, containers as well as their large cost.

Some people are terrified of salt in the water. People eventually discover that this concern was unproven when considering salt water pool pros and cons.  The salt is really among the most convenient parts of the entire thing. It is at such a low level in the water that the majority of people cannot also taste it. The salt is all-natural and also risk-free for the right equipment.

The majority of people find that they spend much less on salt than the typical chemicals used in a chlorine setup. So one of the best pros is that salt water vs chlorine pool costs is lower.

An additional pro is how much better the water is in the salt water system. You can't beat the swimming experience. Salt pools eliminate the rough and undesirable facets of its chemical colleague. Individuals love the salt water pool health benefits.  There are no red eyes or scratchy skin. Your swimsuit is not in danger of whitening and also there are no more extreme chemical scents. The water feels soft as well as silky and also isn't likely to dry your skin out.

It is much more like swimming in a natural body of water. Some people wonder, are salt water pools warmer? I don't think the price of heating up a saltwater pool is any different than heating a chlorine pool.

Salt water pool pros and cons - The cons

I believe there are two main cons. The first con is that just like anything there is going to be an upfront cost.  Nonetheless, depending on your swimming pool size, the salt water pool system can pay for itself.in as little as a couple of years.   Also far better is that at the end of the system's lifespan you are just changing part of the system called the cell. This is normally just half of the system's initial cost.  So that suggests also greater financial savings - one more pro.

Second, you do need to be careful.  If you live in the north, you know what salt does to cement over time.  So, you do need to be careful with your pool deck surface.


So there you have it.  The salt water pool pros and cons.  Flip them around and you have the pros and cons of chlorine pools.  Salt chlorination has become the standard in pool care for many.  Especially those who are ready to save money on chemicals and start enjoying their pool.

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