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When it comes to deciding how much does pool maintenance cost weekly, there are a lot of different variables. The biggest things to consider are:
● Is there foliage?● How many trees are around your property? ● How many bushes?● Do you have areas with mulch alongside the swimming pool?● What is the actual size of the pool and therefore how many gallons of water is actually present in the pool itself?● Then, of course, the turns, the angles, how the actual pool is built and the depth● Saltwater pool vs chlorine.

How much does pool maintenance cost? - Size matters

When we are evaluating a pool for weekly maintenance, the size of the pool is a major factor. The larger the volume, the more chemicals it needs. The more elaborate and intricate the number of pumps we have to empty or skimmers or grottos or bar areas that are harder to get in there to scrub. That would make changes in the price.

Saltwater pool maintenance cost

If it is a distinction between saltwater vs chlorine pools, there is a variance in price. Salt pools require different chemicals to maintain and those are a little more expensive. So essentially each check out of the salt swimming pool, each week we have to include muriatic acid. Whereas the chlorine pool, we can fairly preserve the pH a little simpler.

How much does pool maintenance cost? - Watch your balance

pH ions are released in that process and that is going to raise the pH level. So basically each visit of the salt pool, each week we have to add muriatic acid. Whereas the chlorine pool, we can relatively maintain the pH a little easier. So that addition of pH and then the total alkalinity, these two chemicals in the saltwater pool need to be adjusted in concert with each other. So that is why a saltwater pool is a bit more to maintain than a chlorine pool.

How much does pool maintenance cost? - You can find cheaper, but perhaps not better

There are many pool companies. Some are going to be significantly cheaper than the others. What the cost of pool service should include is:
● Checking your equipment and ensuring proper operation.● Removing all the debris out of the pool.● Testing and adding the necessary chemistry● Having the necessary chemistry stored in our trucks so that it can all be done in the first visit, rather than not letting you use your pool until we can get back with the required chemicals.● Having a great chemistry balance, because chemistry balance is a huge thing.● Making it so that all you need to do is look out the window and admire how sparkling and clean your pool is.  You can always find a little cheaper price from a person who only does one or two pools a week. What is really important is not just how much does pool maintenance cost. It is essential to make sure whoever is maintaining the pool, understands how to keep the chemistry balanced properly. When it comes to your pool and pool equipment, chemistry is what will keep your pool and your family safe and healthy

You can keep the cost down by using the DIY method

There is nothing wrong with using the DIY method to pool maintenance. That way, how much does pool maintenance cost is really just the cost of chemicals and your time.
On our website, we even educate people on how they can do do it themselves. But, many people do not want to clean their pool weekly. They would rather have someone else do it, so they can use their limited spare time enjoying their backyard oasis with friends and family. Why not spend the time seeing how great everyone looks in their bathing suit having fun in your pool.

How much does pool maintenance cost - Pool maintenance Scottsdale AZ summary

Whatever works for you is what we endorse. At Pool Cleaners Scottsdale, our tag line is “Your sparkling pool is our inspiration”. That is why we get up every day. So that you can just look out your window and marvel at how clear, clean and sparkling your pool is Swimming pool upkeep is essential to make certain you can enjoy all year round. Call: 602 962 5090 for your no-cost estimate. If you sign up for one of our monthly pool cleaning packages, Pool Cleaners Scottsdale will give you the first cleaning free.