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Saltwater pool vs chlorine introduction

Everyone looking to install a swimming pool has had to decide on a saltwater pool vs chlorine. If you are exploring installing an eco-friendly swimming pool, the suggestion to consider a saltwater pool has likely come up. Pool Cleaners Scottsdale can service either a saltwater pool or chlorine pool.
Yes, a saltwater pool is easier to maintain! In fact, if you have the time, and you enjoy a bit of DIY action, we are the first to say that you can even maintain a saltwater pool on your own.

Saltwater vs chlorine pool

I know what you are thinking, wait, I thought a saltwater pool is not a chlorine pool? In short, a saltwater pool is just another way to keep your pool clean and sparkling. Sanitizing in a saltwater pool is a natural process that requires no handling of dangerous chemicals. Put simply, a saltwater pool is a pool that has been chlorinated by means of salt chlorination and not traditional harsh liquid or solid chemical chlorine.

A saltwater pool is a pool that has a purification system (also called a chlorine generator) that provides on-site production of chlorine. The chlorine production in a saltwater pool is essentially sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). In the end result, both pools are protected by chlorine so a saltwater pool is every bit as safe as a traditional chlorine pool.

People whose chlorine pool we clean have asked me from time to time if it is possible to switch it to a saltwater one. The process of converting an existing chlorine pool to a saltwater pool is much simpler than you might imagine.

While a saltwater pool can be a bigger initial outlay, you are likely going to save money in the long run by not having to purchase chlorine to keep your pool fighting fit. The same can be said about the cost of converting to saltwater.

Advantage of saltwater pool maintenance

Many people believe that a saltwater pool will be maintenance-free. That is not correct. There are several factors that determine how much maintenance a saltwater pool will require. Because your saltwater pool will contain chlorine, it is easier to balance your saltwater vs chlorine pool. While a saltwater pool will save you money on chlorine, remember that your pool will still need upkeep to maintain clean, crystal clear water.

A saltwater pool will require much less chemistry balancing and maintenance. Instead of using expensive shocks, you can simply use the built-in super chlorinate feature that temporarily increases chlorine production during times of heavy usage. A saltwater pool is distinctly different than a traditional chlorine pool however when it comes to fighting off algae and cloudy water they can essentially both be treated the same.

Maintaining a saltwater pool is different from maintaining a standard chlorine pool. Learning how to manage the pH in a saltwater pool is critical for the safety of the swimmers and well being of the pool and equipment.

Similar to how a home water softener works, a saltwater pool can help your skin feel moisturized! If properly maintained, a saltwater pool can last for years without needing costly repairs.

The lower chlorine concentration of a saltwater pool will be gentler on a swimmer's skin. The salinity of a saltwater pool will be roughly 3,000 parts per million (ppm). Swimming in a saltwater pool will be noticeably different if you were accustomed to swimming in an improperly balanced pool.

Saltwater pool benefits

A saltwater pool is different than traditional chlorine pools. The perceived value in a saltwater pool is so high that it literally is the only concern new pool owners have. A saltwater pool is every bit as safe as a traditionally maintained swimming pool that is sanitized with chlorine. One of the major benefits of a saltwater pool is that there is much less chlorine in the water, making it less irritating to the skin and eyes.

The main positive of a saltwater pool is the ability to have safe water without chlorine. A saltwater pool is more than just a relaxing place to take a dip. Swimming in a saltwater pool is better on the joints and muscles than a traditional chlorinated pool.

Pool salt helps homeowners get the very most from their backyard pool by producing the sparkling clear, gentle water that only a saltwater pool can provide. Swimming in a saltwater pool can cleanse your skin. Spending a few minutes swimming in your saltwater pool can reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints.

Like refreshing ocean water, your saltwater pool will leave you feeling clean, invigorated and soft. Especially for regular swimmers with skin issues and a tendency to get red eyes, a saltwater pool will be a much better option with less eye and skin irritation, and less bleaching of any clothing or swimwear worn into the pool.

Saltwater pool or chlorine

Eventually, the choice of whether to swim in a chlorine pool or saltwater pool is yours.You can weigh the pros and cons, and decide if a saltwater pool is for you!
At Pool Cleaners Scottsdale, we can serve your needs regardless of your saltwater pool vs chlorine choice.